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Article Marketing for Links

Tweet Greed is the biggest factor that works against people who do article marketing for links. I know the other guru’s told you that the only purpose of your articles is to get those treasured links to your website, and if you can get one link from your content, then you should try to get [...]

Why Do You Hide Behind Your Domain Name?

Tweet How many times have you seen this: Article Written by “That Business Down The Street” Article Written by “” Article Written by “Best Company” People do it far too often. Corporations are the guiltiest about doing this, but small one person companies do it too. Do you honestly think that I will believe “That [...]

Tempering Your PhD Ego

Tweet It is funny in a way, but oh so disappointing. People who have excelled in their lives, going further in school than the rest of us, seem to fall victim to their own egos more than the rest of us. Here is the deal. An author’s Resource Box at the end of an article [...]