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Eleven Days and Counting… Will I Win?

Tweet The recent SEO contest by the Shouting Zone is coming closer to its end. We have about eleven days to go right now. The contest wanted the winner to rank in the #1 spot in Google for the search term Blackhat Fish. I entered the contest for the $1000 prize, just to see how [...]

SEO Contests

Tweet Every now and again, people come up with contests to see who the best SEO providers are and to learn what the best SEO techniques really are. It is actually set up as a tool for learning better search engine optimization technique, and how to implement that for SEO customers. Most SEO Contests pay [...]

Whitehat vs. Blackhat: Fish For Links or Die Trying

Tweet People are always struggling to figure out how they will get their website to rank well in Google. Of course, who can blame them. Google accounts for 50%-60% of all search traffic on the Internet. But there are right ways (whitehat) and wrong ways (blackhat) to accomplish the goal of great rankings in Google. [...]