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Understanding PageRank and Its Influence on Google Rankings

Tweet Google PR (PageRank) is important in search rankings, but PR is only one of hundreds of calculations that Google looks at in order to deliver its SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). Because PR is only one of hundreds of calculations, it is always possible for a web page to have a PR2 and still [...]

Tips For Getting Your Own Google Love

Tweet Webmasters everywhere strive to acquire Google Love. Google Love is a concept meant to describe Google’s favoritism of one web page over another web page in its SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). To be honest, Google Love is not the result of Google, Inc. favoring one advertiser over another, but Google’s algorithms favoring one [...]

How The Phantom Writers Has Been So Successful In The Search Engines

Tweet The underlying principle of our writing is that what we write should be attractive to readers, and therefore attractive to publishers and webmasters. It is not enough to simply throw words together. We must be willing to tell stories that people want to read. If we provide the right content to the people who [...]