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Service Outages

Tweet A server malfunction took our entire site offline for most of January 28, 2009. The malfunction seems to have been in the DNS records, although I don’t know how that could have happened. The site came back online just a few minutes ago, but it is not yet 100%, since the www. subdomain seems [...]

The Phantom Writers now offers RSS Feeds

Tweet New Navigation Tools Available In 2008 In the latter half of 2008, we rolled out a new navigation system and site template for The Phantom Writers website. Part of that new roll out includes The Top Rated Articles, The Most Read Articles in the current month, and The Top Ranked Authors in our Article [...]

How Much Should One Expect To Pay A Ghost Writer?

Tweet . Someone asked in a forum how much they should expect to pay a ghostwriter to have articles written for them. Here is what I told them: You can pay as little as five to ten dollars an article or as much as five hundred an article. In the end, you need to only [...]