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Article Marketing Is More Than Just Search Engine Marketing

Tweet Twitter Tips And Questions On Twitter, I post a lot of tips about various aspects of online marketing under my profile @contentmanager. Because my Twitter account is very active, that should not be construed as I am playing on Twitter instead of working. The truth be known, my Twitter profile is mostly-automated using a [...]

Update on the Cancer Homefront

Tweet A lot of people have shown interest in the welfare of my dad, and I do appreciate the concern and support I have been given in this matter. For those of you who do not know, my dad was diagnosed with throat cancer in December of 2008. A common question is, “was he a [...]

Article Marketing and the Duplicate Content Penalty Myth

Tweet I have long held the belief that most SEO Myths can be tracked back to someone who was benefiting financially from getting people to believe the myth. Of course, you can read this article and suppose that I am simply calling something a myth, because I want you to believe the opposite point of [...]