Did Google Finally Kill Article Marketing Forever?

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Question: With so many blogs, websites and article directories disappearing daily and losing influence in the search engines, how can we be sure that article marketing is not dead?

Answer: You are in general talking about newbies who set up blogs and generally accept any content from anyone. Sites like that will never survive. Most will stop paying for hosting after only a few months, then the site and all of the links on it will disappear.

Sites with no form of quality control will not attract an audience, and they will cease to operate, when the site owner realizes that no audience = no revenue.

But, other website owners get it.

Audience = revenue.

Successful website/blog owners build their sites with the desire of building an audience.

For example:

These sites occasionally take content from third-parties such as myself — syndicated content from people like me.

But they are very selective about the content they are willing to accept from me. My article has to demonstrate good writing, good content, and more importantly, information that would appeal to their audience.

These sites are not going anywhere. They will be here most likely ten years from now, because they focus on publishing content that will be of value to their audiences.

And their audiences generally enjoy the content well enough to drop links to pages that have articles on them that they would like to share with others.

There is a reason why the above mentioned websites are as popular as they are. They start with great content, and their audiences find information of such quality that they are willing to share those links with their own audiences.

When I get an article syndicated, it will often end up on a few dozen junk websites that will not be there one year from now.

But my successful articles will be published on authority websites of the quality shown above.

Articles that I have written do still appear on WebProNews, About.com, and WebMd, as well as thousands of other authority websites, :) and not all of them in my own name.

The point is that these sites already have large and loyal audiences, generating loads of traffic every day, and they have a lot of credibility in the eyes of consumers and the search engines.

One of my articles on one of those websites will get a lot of traffic from targeted buyers, and my articles will have true link popularity to give to my linked websites, which will impress Google and the other search engines.

I write articles, because I want to attract huge audiences who will consider visiting my website. I write for my audience first, and the search engines second.

And so long as my articles find publication on sites with a butt-load of loyal users and traffic, then my business will continue to prosper with article marketing.

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