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Early Indications Are That Google Farmer Update Loves Quality Syndicated Content

Yes it is still early in the game, but my initial gut instinct about the Google Farmer Update is that it is powered by Social Validation of content that offers value to its readers. Let me explain myself…

Temporary Issue with Article Distributions

Tweet I was in the database earlier this afternoon and discovered a problem with the submissions. We have literally layered various distribution channels on top of one another to further the reach of our Article Distribution Service. I discovered that one layer shut down in mid-January, due to an internal issue. We were aware of [...]

Computer Upgrade

Tweet I have slipped behind on my duties again. My primary machine simply could not keep up with the level of work I had been asking it to do for me. I upgraded to a new Quad4 processor operating on Windows 7. I am in the process of trying to get all of my necessary [...]