Early Indications Are That Google Farmer Update Loves Quality Syndicated Content

Yes it is still early in the game, but my initial gut instinct about the Google Farmer Update is that it is powered by Social Validation of content that offers value to its readers. Let me explain myself…

Final SEO Contest Outcome and How #5 Was Achieved In Google

Tweet Well, the Blackhat Fish SEO Contest is over. My entry finished at #11 in Google for the search term Blackhat Fish on the day that the contest ended, July 5th. According to the presenters of the contest, the #1 result was disqualified by the contest presenters. You can read their comments here. Interestingly, just [...]

Happy 4th of July Everyone

Tweet We only have a couple of days left to the end of the SEO Contest we have been participating in. My entry has been bouncing between page one and page two of Google’s search results, and it is sitting at #12 in the search results right now. The SEO Contest should be wrapping up [...]