Temporary Issue with Article Distributions

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I was in the database earlier this afternoon and discovered a problem with the submissions. We have literally layered various distribution channels on top of one another to further the reach of our Article Distribution Service.

I discovered that one layer shut down in mid-January, due to an internal issue. We were aware of the issue, but unaware that it would pose a problem in the distribution process.

I have been working on resolving this coding issue since 2pm yesterday afternoon. It is 4:30 am right now…

The particular issue that forced me into the software today has mostly been resolved. The channel that was inoperable since January will have all distributions to it reset, to return the service to the level we anticipated that it had been working.

Fortunately, while in the code, I found myself in the exact area where I needed to implement an upcoming upgrade. So, I did take some time today to orchestrate that additional upgrade.

We anticipate that the upgrade set up today will deliver incredible results to our customers. Only time will tell if it delivers the anticipated effect.

By summer, we expect to have another set of major upgrades in place that will extend the reach of our Article Distribution Service considerably, and we will be able to show our clients where articles have been published online.

From behind the scenes, I can see the improvements that have so far been made in 2010, and I can see that they are powerful upgrades. But I can also see the future… And the future holds so much more in store for us… We have barely scratched the surface at this point.

If all of our plans go according to schedule and produce the results we anticipate, the quality of our service will be obvious to anyone who cares to see.


Bill Platt, owner of thePhantomWriters.com

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